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If you’re wanting to re-locate to Hong Kong to further your career, or to start a new one, you’ll no doubt have a number of questions about finding a job, securing an apartment and getting around the city. Here’s a few tips to get you started with your search.

What Type of Employment is Available to Native English Speakers in Hong Kong?

Unless you are fluent in Cantonese, you’ll soon discover that there are a relatively few amount of jobs available to those who are limited to only speaking English. Jobs areas that you should focus on would be in teaching, banking and financing, restaurant and bar work, publishing and media, and the hospitality industry.

Obviously, any employment opportunity will rely heavily on your previous job experience, training and other qualifications. In many locations it is more difficult for expatriates to land a position as preference may be given to local prospects.

What’s the Best Way to Land a Job in Hong Kong?

Despite Hong Kong’s reputation as a tourist’s delight, the difficulty some may have in finding employment there may come as a surprise. The majority of non-Chinese holding jobs in Hong Kong are there because of a company transfer. Securing employment on your own, however, will prove to be more difficult considering the language barrier and large amount of competition. Contact today for help in getting a position in Hong Kong.

What is Required to Get a Work Visa?

Getting a work visa for Hong Kong is actually more problematic than in the past, due to the Immigration Service becoming more and more rigorous in processing applications. The qualifications for securing a work visa aren’t exactly crystal clear, however, the most important step for you to complete is actually securing an offer for employment.

Besides that, there are several other requirements that need to be satisfied in order to obtain the work visa, including education and job qualifications.

Does Hong Kong Really Have a Tax Free Status?

Well, not exactly. However, Hong Kong is voted every year as having the world’s most free economy. The city also has no sales tax, capital gains tax or VAT, and the income tax there is quite low, with the highest rate being 20% for incomes of HK$105,000 or higher.

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What Is the Hong Kong Life Like?

Hong Kong is a city that goes non-stop 24 hours a day, with most shops and markets staying open as late as 11 p.m. and restaurants until the wee morning hours. The work hours tend to be extended and high-stress, with the work week including not only Monday through Friday, but Saturday mornings as well. Office hours go from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but the fact is that most workers end up staying until 8 p.m. or even later.

In spite of the long work hours, you’ll have ample compensation by living in one of the most exciting cities in the world, with exceptional cuisine, spectacular sights and parties all night long. Yes, there’s certainly an amount of stress that comes with living there, but if you happen to find the thrill of being in a major world city that’s electrifying and stimulating, then Hong Kong is the place for you.

How Do I Get an Apartment in Hong Kong?

Apartments in Hong Kong are small, high rise and expensive. They’re not hard to locate, but affording them can be difficult. Landlords in Hong Kong are known for their stringent behavior and the rental fees rank among the world’s highest. You’ll not only be expected to put down a deposit for two month’s rent, but a half month’s rent or more will go toward payment for the agent that located the apartment.

Landlords are notoriously demanding in Hong Kong and rental prices are some of the highest in the world. You’ll generally be expected to part with two months rent as a security deposit and to hand over at least half a months rent to the agent who finds your flat.

For more information about living in Hong Kong, see our About Hong Kong page.

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