Finding a Career in Singapore


Employment in Singapore

Because of it’s modern infrastructure, work-oriented society and a government that promotes business, the employment oppotunities in Singapore are perfect for anyone wanting to excel in their career progress.

A great many opportunities exist for qualified professionals in a wide variety of work industries, such as healthcare, financial services, biomedical sciences, teaching, and technology.

Work Life in Singapore

The typical work week in Singapore is  five-days and, according to law, 44 hours. Most companies offer 1-2 weeks of paid vacation as well as 2-3 weeks of sick leave.

Besides the competitive salaries offered there, other benefits such as stock options, housing and transportation may be made available. Typically, a year-end bonus is dispersed, usually equal to an entire month’s salary, although sometimes bonuses are variable depending on individual performance.

One of the major draws for many professionals worldwide is the low personal income tax rates in Singapore, largely considered to be among the world’s lowest. Anyone working in Singapore for 183 days or more is considered a resident for tax purposes, and will be taxed on any income relative to their employment in Singapore, while those who are there less than that (considered non-residents) are only liable for the actual wages earned while in Singapore.

Professional Resources

For good general information on employment opportunites and career trends, The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start. You can also contact any of the international chambers of commerce in Singapore, representing countries such as the United States, UK, Japan and Italy, for additional information and professional guidance.

If you are interested in seeking employment in Singapore, please contact us for inquiries and resume submission.

Applying for an Employment Pass

An Employment Pass is required for anyone wishing to hold a job in Singapore. The application for the Employment Pass

Only holders of a valid Employment Pass may work in Singapore.  An appointed agent (in most cases your employer) is necessary in order to apply for an Employment Pass.  The requirements aren’t exactly set in stone; however, they include such things as education, job experience and professional skills and qulifications.

Additionally, a Personalized Employment Pass is also offered, which enables a foreigner to remain in Singapore for six months, even after deciding to look for a new job elsewhere.


Quality of Life

Singapore ranks as the top location in Asia for the highest quality of life, as well as being ranked as the best city out of 265 international locations for the preferred place to live for expatriates. The reasons Singapore enoys a high quality of life include low crime rates, a solid infrastructure, a stable political system, regional access, excellent healthcare and it’s cultured style of living.

Living Costs in Singapore

All things considered, Singapore’s cost of living is releatively low. Housing and transportation tend to constitute the majority of monthly expenses, which should come as no surprise since the available space is so limited. For the greater part, most people should be able to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle in SIngapore.

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